Imran Khan confirms his love with tamil Actress..!?

Actress Lekha Washington, who has already parted ways with her DIY partnership, is reportedly set to tie the knot with the actor's cousin. Actress lekha washington was born and raised in Chennai. She made her debut on Valentine's Day with a small character sitting in front of a computer and later became famous by acting in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, and other language films. Apart from being an actress, she also focused on many fields like modeling, songwriting, and costume design, acted in a few films in tamil, and became popular with kollywood fans.

In tamil, she has acted in films like Unnale Unnale, jayam Kondan, Vaa, and Arima Nambi. She last acted in the 2015 film Dynamite. She got married to her longtime lover in 2017 in a DIY partnership. marriage is a bit different than living together. It means that even though they claim each other as husband and wife, they have to pay their own expenses. The rule of this life is that one should not be restricted by conditions in any way.

Two years ago, Lekha... broke the DIY partnership with her husband and now she is all set to marry a cousin of a top hero. She is set to marry none other than Aamir Khan's lookalike Imran Khan. In response to a recent question posed to Imran Khan, it was lekha washington who brought positivity and health into his life. She was the one who helped him when he was under stress and took good care of him. He affirmed his love by saying that he can't even imagine a life without her. Following this, it is said that their marriage is going to take place as soon as possible.

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