This was the actress' reaction on the first day of the set!!!

The audience is liking the story of the tv show 'Aangan Apnon Ka'. This show has a heart touching story of the relationship between father and daughters. When a father raises his three daughters alone and fulfills his duty by marrying them after they grow up. Actresses Neeta Shetty, Aditi Rathod and Aayushi Khurana are playing the roles of daughters in the serial. Ayushi is in the lead role in this show.

When the set 'husband' called Aayushi Khurana sister

Recently, in an interview, actress Aayushi Khurana revealed a memorable incident from her early days on the set. She revealed that samar Vermani, who plays her reel husband Akash, initially called her 'sister' on the first day of shooting. Ayushi, who is seen in the role of Pallavi in the show, shared, 'I have a friend scene with Samar.' The actress told that, 'Samar had called me sister on the very first day, so he also feels like a friend. First day on the set and he said to me, 'Come sister let us do the lines'. I said, 'Are you serious?' And since then things have been going on very normally between us. It is nice to work with him, he is very well prepared with the scene. He is very good in emotional scenes. He is a good actor.

'I had to break the comfort zone'

Samar Vermani, who played the role of akash Awasthi, started crying while joking after knowing what Ayushi said. He said, 'Yes, she still keeps teasing me about it. Now he has also started calling me brother. I had to break that comfort zone, so I just said, let's do lines. That's not really what I meant. We both are professionals. Even if off camera there is a brother-sister relationship, which is not there, but on-camera people like our chemistry. Let us tell you that this is the second show of Ayushi in the lead role. She was earlier seen in Ajooni with shoaib ibrahim and got a lot of recognition. On the other hand, samar is known for 'Katha Ankahi', 'Happy Family Conditions Apply' and 'Girgit'.

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