The boy from 'How's The Josh' first won hearts!!!

There are many actors in hindi cinema who struggled a lot to make their mark in the glamor industry. Today we will tell you about one such actor who is included in the list of very talented actors of Bollywood. This boy of 'How is the Josh' has made his special place in the hearts of people today. However, to reach this position, this actor had to face a lot of difficulties and challenges.

Success achieved after struggle

The actor we are talking about is none other than vicky kaushal whose career is an example for everyone. On the basis of hard work and struggle, vicky kaushal has now made his place among the top actors in the film industry. vicky kaushal, who now charges crores of rupees to work in a film, once lived in a chawl in the Malad area of Mumbai.

Vicky Kaushal lived in chawl

Vicky Kaushal himself had talked about this in an interview. vicky kaushal is today the owner of a wonderful luxury 4-bedroom apartment. However, the actor once said, "I was born in a 10x10 room in a chawl and we shared the same bathroom with other people in the neighbourhood. My father worked in finance for years before finding success as a stunt director. Faced difficulties, but my parents made sure that my brother and I knew everything about the family's struggle."

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