Brahmin actress married Muslim, she said - 'People's world ended'…

There are many actresses in bollywood who have married boys from other religions. When someone marries in another religion there is often an uproar. The same thing happened with an actress many years ago. After which many people turned against him but he did not leave his love. The actress we are talking about is tanvi Azmi. tanvi was a Brahmin Maharashtrian girl. Who has played many great roles in Bollywood. tanvi has always played strong roles on the big screen. Because of which he has got a different identity. tanvi has revealed about her marriage in a recent interview.

In a recent interview given to indian Express, tanvi told that in her childhood she was a very calm and obedient child but rebellion was in her blood from the beginning but it was suppressed inside. However, there came a time when she became rebellious.

Became a rebel after marriage

Tanvi further said- 'When I got married, I became a rebel. A lot had happened. I felt like the whole of mumbai was infuriated because a Brahmin Maharashtrian girl had married a Muslim man and for many people the world had come to an end. For me, that was when the rebellion began and it continued, it never ended. '

Let us tell you that tanvi had married baba Azmi, son of Kaifi Azmi. shabana azmi is his sister-in-law. Regarding settling in the family, tanvi said- It feels great to be a part of such a family, but it has never disappointed me. It never made me feel like I needed to achieve what others have achieved. This is their journey, as long as I get good work I am happy with my journey. My focus and emphasis is on doing work that challenges me. My focus has never been on whether this person in my family has done this much or that much. Talking about work front, tanvi has been seen in the web series dil Dosti Dilaima. In which she played the role of a grandmother. This series has been released on amazon Prime

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