This actress did not get fees for her debut film…

Nowadays, bollywood films are being made with very big budgets. But many times these big budget films are not able to do anything special. Many times, people like the story of a small budget film so much that everyone gets shocked after hearing its collection. In big budget films, big stars are also hired who take high salaries. Actors get high salaries only when they reach a certain position. Otherwise, at the beginning of your career, you get very little fees and sometimes you don't get any money at all. She is one such actress who did not receive fees for her debut film and today is included in the list of highest paid actresses.

The actress we are talking about is deepika Padukone. deepika was a successful model after which she entered the world of acting. deepika has walked the ramp for many designers in her career. After which he turned towards acting. deepika made her bollywood debut with the film Om Shanti Om. This film was directed by farah khan and she was seen opposite Shahrukh Khan.

Fee was not received for debut film

Deepika Padukone became famous everywhere with her first film Om Shanti Om. He had made his fans crazy with his acting. She became a star overnight with this film. But do you know that deepika did not receive fees for this film.

The actress has fought depression

Deepika Padukone is one of those bollywood stars who has spoken openly about mental health. She often talks about depression and how she came out of it. He has said in many events that there is a need to talk about mental health issues. He has also opened his own foundation for this.

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