'Srikanth' remained inches away half the cost!!!

It is often believed in the film business that just one film can change the fate of an actor or actress. 'Srikanth' is also proving to be a similar film for Rajkumar Rao. This biographical drama is the real story of the struggling life of visually impaired MIT graduate businessman Shrikant Bolla. 'Srikanth' has received excellent response from critics and audiences. With this, this mid-budget film has made good collections. Let us know here how much collection has 'Srikanth' made on the seventh day of its release i.e. first Thursday?

How much did 'Srikanth' collect on the seventh day of its release?

It has now been a week since 'Srikanth' was released in theatres. The inspiring story of this film and the strong acting of rajkumar rao is proving to be the USP for this film. With this, 'Srikanth' is getting a lot of positive response from the audience. Although the film's earnings have declined on weekdays, it is maintaining a strong hold at the box office.

Talking about the earnings of 'Srikanth', this film opened its account with Rs 2.25 crores on the first day of its release. On the second day, 'Srikanth' collected Rs 4.2 crores. On the third day, the film's earning was Rs 5.25 crores. On the fourth day, 'Srikanth' collected Rs 1.65 crore and on the fifth day, Rs 1.60 crore. The film's earning on the sixth day was Rs 1.50 crore. Now the initial figures of the earnings of the seventh day of the release of 'Srikanth' i.e. first thursday have come. According to Sacknilk's early trend report, 'Srikanth' has collected Rs 1.45 crore on the seventh day of its release. With this, the total earning of 'Srikanth' in seven days has now become Rs 17.90 crore.

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