Sharmila did not approve statement of her husband…

Sharmila Tagore ruled the hearts of the audience with her beauty and strong acting. Even today the veteran actress has millions of fans. Sharmila's professional life was very successful, while she was also in the news about her personal life. The actress married cricketer and Nawab Mansoor ali Khan Pataudi alias tiger Pataudi in 1968. The stories of their marriage are still remembered fondly. Recently, sharmila had attended a Mother's Day event with her granddaughter and actress sara ali Khan. During this, the veteran actress narrated a funny anecdote about her late husband tiger Pataudi.

You should go to the kitchen three times

According to the indian Express report, sharmila said, "My husband told me, 'You should go to the kitchen at least three times a day.' I said, 'Tiger, this is a very bad idea. If I go into the kitchen, it could be very bad.' I would start asking 'this is not there, where is that?' Someone will resign. It would be better if I don't go to the kitchen.

Tiger Pataudi did this work accepting defeat

Sharmila further revealed, later tiger Pataudi accepted defeat and started cooking himself. This proved to be a smart move as he started making very tasty dishes, which further increased his confidence. He started calling people for recipes. He would cook a new dish, watch YouTube and ask friends for the recipe. Once when I was in London, someone called and said tiger has given us tasty and wonderful food. He used to cook very good food even without my going to the kitchen.

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