"Party going on at Vijay's house.. trisha is drunk and dancing.. simbu is like that" 

Suchitra Open Talk!

Singer Suchitra: Popular singer and dubbing artiste Suchitra has been creating a lot of controversies over the past few days with her startling recordings.Suchitra, who has sung many good songs and is also an excellent dubbing artist in the tamil film world, faced a lot of controversies with her 2017 release "Suchi Leaks". In this case, actress Suchitra, who has not appeared on the big screen for a few years, is now bursting into huge controversies.

Especially when she said that her ex-husband karthik kumar was gay and that he and actor dhanush would share a room drinking together, karthik kumar and his second wife hit back. Actress Pavitra did not die in the accident! A sensational video published by a colleague before suicide!

In this case, in an interview given to a private news agency, he said, "Karthik Kumar was a homosexual from his childhood. But at that time it was not accepted in our town. I was the girl who was tied to him for that.""I was married to him so that no mistake would be made against him in the society. If only karthik kumar was born in this period, he would have married a boy friend in the future".

"The general culture in the kollywood world is to have a drug party like cocaine on a silver plate. These parties are attended by many rich house kids like simbu, venkat prabhu and Yuvan shankar Raja. They don't have any other jobs so they do this as a full-time job"."Many parties like this have happened at Vijay's house who pretends to be a nice guy. trisha is also one of this gang, she slept with her rich friends and got drunk and danced in front of Vijay's house. No one will ever forget this."

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