Anushka Sharma attracted attention with her post-pregnancy glow and posed for pictures with 'RCB' fans after the match

Anushka Sharma, who became a mother for the second time, was seen radiating a post-pregnancy glow in a set of pictures that went viral on social media after the last RCB match in May 2024. Let's show.

Bollywood actress anushka sharma has married the love of her life and cricketer Virat Kohli. The couple welcomed their daughter Vamika on January 11, 2021, and their family was completed with the birth of their son Akay kohli on February 15, 2024. However, the doting parents have made sure that their children's faces are kept away from the world's eyes. After becoming a mother for the second time, anushka has returned to india and remains the best cheerleader for her husband Virat in his IPL matches.

Anushka Sharma flaunts her post-pregnancy glow

Anushka Sharma was seen posing with some of her fans after the last match between RCB and CSK on 19 May 2024. The new mother was seen jumping with joy after her husband Virat Kohli's team won the match. In many pictures that went viral on social media, Anushka was seen spreading a beautiful glow after her delivery.

Anushka was also accompanied by indian cricketer Smriti srinivas Mandhana in one of the pictures. She wore a black sleeveless dress and completed her look with nude makeup and an open hairstyle. It seemed that the actress' weight had also increased after pregnancy. However, no matter what, she looked very beautiful.

When anushka Sharma was seen in public for the first time after the birth of Akay

On 4 May 2024, anushka appeared in public for the first time after giving birth to her son Akay. The actress had come to support her husband Virat during an IPL match. This match was between Virat's team and the 'Gujarat Titans'. On this day Anushka was looking very beautiful in a white dress. 

Let us tell you that since the birth of Vamika and Akay, anushka and Virat have been maintaining privacy regarding their children. She has also requested the paparazzi not to take any photographs of her children or broadcast them in the media. Paparazzi also keeps this request in mind.

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