The top actor who scored 2 out of 100 in the audition.. then gave only 25 hit films..

Did you know that a top actor who has been entertaining fans with his performances for years was once rejected for his looks?

Mohanlal Viswanathan is a popular actor who has acted in malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, telugu and kannada films. Especially, he is one of the top actors of the malayalam film industry. Did you know that she has been entertaining fans with her performances for years and was once rejected for her looks? Yes. He was given only 2 marks out of 100 during the audition for the role.

As actor mohanlal is celebrating his 64th birthday today, let's see his screen journey in this post. mohanlal Viswanathan was born on 21 May 1960 in Elanthur, pathanamthitta district, Kerala. He is the youngest child of Viswanathan Nair, former kerala government official and Law Secretary, and Shanthakumari. His elder brother Pyarelal died in 2000 during an army training.

Brought up in Mudavanmugal, Thiruvananthapuram, he attended a government Model Boys' High school and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from mahatma gandhi College. mohanlal first acted as a 90-year-old man in a stage play in class six. He was also the kerala state wrestling champion in 1977 and 1978.

Mohanlal made his hero debut in 1978 with the film Tiranottam, in which he played Guttappan, a mentally challenged servant. However, due to censorship issues, the film was delayed. The film was a big hit.

Once his friends had sent an application to Navodaya Studio. When mohanlal auditioned some directors did not like his look and gave him poor marks, but fazil and Jijo Appachan gave him high marks.

In an interview given by director Fazil, mohanlal gave information about the audition. Speaking then, he said, “Mohanlal had to audition for a film. The two directors on the panel were not impressed with Mohanlal's looks and gave him only 2 out of 100 marks, thus rejecting him. However, I insisted on casting him in the film. This film became a hit and made mohanlal popular with the audience.” He said that.

Prithviraj mohanlal starrer Empuraan movie update out

After the success of this film, mohanlal went on to play villain roles in 25 films. His negative roles in Sandhyaku Virinja Poovu and Quilineh Thiruthi are the most popular.

Mohanlal with Suchitra Mohanlal

In 1986, mohanlal was at the peak of his film career, releasing a film every 15 days.. 1986 alone saw the release of 34 mohanlal films. This was a feat that no other actor had done in a single year. Out of these 34 films, 25 were successful. During that period, an average of 20 mohanlal films were released per year. He acted in more than 400 films in his 40-year career.

 Mohanlal with Suchitra Mohanlal

He has also received various accolades for his performance. He has received several awards for that, including the padma shri in 2001 and the Padma bhushan in 2019. received In 2009, mohanlal also became the first indian actor to hold the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Territorial Army.

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