Rakhi Sawant Receives Death Threats While Battling health Issues, Ex-Husband Ritesh Singh And lawyer Confirm

Rakhi Sawant’s lawyer Falguni Brahmbhatt revealed that her client has been receiving continuous death threats.

The entertainment queen rakhi sawant is currently in the hospital following major surgery to remove a tumor from her uterus. Rakhi’s ex-husband, Ritesh Singh, has been actively sharing updates about her condition through media and his social media accounts. Amidst her health struggles, the actress is now allegedly receiving death threats. 

In an exclusive interview with  TV, Rakhi’s lawyer, Falguni Brahmbhatt revealed that her client has been receiving continuous death threats over the past few days. “I have been informed by my client rakhi sawant that she is posing threats to her life and since the past few days she has been receiving threatening calls and is being threatened with dire consequences,” the lawyer stated.

The lawyer further mentioned that Rakhi has been advised to file an FIR regarding these threats. However, due to her current health condition, she has been unable to do so but plans to complain once she is discharged from the hospital.

Ritesh Singh on Rakhi getting death threat

Ritesh Singh, speaking to paparazzi in mumbai, also confirmed that some people are threatening Rakhi. He claimed to know who these people were but stated that he would not reveal their identities until he had concrete evidence. 

Rakhi Sawant on her health 

Speaking to Etimes, Rakhi said, “I will be fine very soon, I am facing health issues. I have a 10 cm tumor and will be undergoing surgery on Saturday. I am not able to talk much about my health, but Ritesh will keep you all updated about my condition. He will inform everyone about the hospital also. I will show the tumor, once the surgery is done. I had to be admitted because, before the surgery, things needed to be brought under control like blood pressure and all. I don't know the exact details as I am not a doctorI'm an actor.”

In the meantime, Adil Khan Durrani, Rakhi's estranged husband, has claimed that her illness is a fake strategy to avoid legal action. Her anticipatory bail was recently denied by the bombay high court in a lawsuit brought by Adil. Adil accused her of sharing his private, sexually explicit videos with media outlets.

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