Who Is Bollywood's Biggest Miser? farah khan Spills The beans On The Great indian Kapil Show; Watch

The Great india Kapil Show: The promo of the upcoming episode features anil kapoor and Farah Khan. The best friends will be gracing the 9th episode of Kapil Sharma's comedy chat show as guests.

The Great india Kapil Show

The latest promo of Kapil Sharma's popular show on Netflix is here. The promo of the upcoming episode features anil kapoor and Farah Khan. The best friends will be gracing the 9th episode of the comedy chat show as guests.

The Great indian Kapil Show's latest promo

This week’s episode will be an electrifying ride as anil kapoor and farah khan narrate interesting tales about their friendship and make some tantalizing Bollywood revelations! 

The promo begins with anil kapoor announcing, “Welcome to The Great indian anil kapoor Show,” leaving both Kapil and Farah confused. While Anil tries to take over Kapil’s hosting duties, Farah attempts to steal archana Puran Singh’s seat. In a humorous exchange, archana tells Farah, “Tu udhar hi rah (You stay there).” Farah quickly retorts by reminding archana that she also took over the chair from Navjot Singh Sidhu, the former permanent guest on the show.

The laughter continues as Farah recounts a funny incident involving anil kapoor, known for his ageless looks, refusing to play the father of his real-life daughter, Sonam Kapoor, in a film. Anil reportedly told the director, “What nonsense. How can I play Sonam’s father?” The comedy escalates with krushna abhishek dressed as malaika arora, prompting Farah to quip, “You look more like Arbaaz Khan.” The trailer wraps up with an impromptu dance performance by the guests, promising a fun-filled episode.

Farah Khan calls Chunky Pandey

With her trademark candidness, farah khan opens up on  Bollywood’s miser. And here is what happened when she dialed this person LIVE on the show, requesting him for 500 rupees!

The question posed by Kapil was very simple - who is jyada kanjoos between Anil and Farah? While Farah confirms both of them are quite generous, she does mention she can tell everyone who is the most kangaroos in the entire industry! 

Revealing the person’s name, farah khan shares, “I can tell you who is the most miser in the industry. There is only one person. Chunky Pandey. I swear. Bring me my phone. I will call him and ask for 500 rupees.” 

Farah Khan legit calls up chunky pandey and puts him on loudspeaker! Here is how the conversation went.

Farah Khan: “Chunky, listen I need 500 rupees.”

Chunky Pandey: “Then go to the ATM, no?”

Farah Khan: “Chunky at least give me 50 rupees.”

Chunky Pandey: “Hello? Kaun chahiye?” 

The Great indian Kapil Show is available on Netflix with a new episode streaming every Saturday.

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