You are so small...Indresh Malik's pain spilled out...?

People have appreciated the acting of Indresh Malik, who played the role of Ustad Ji in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's web series 'Hiramandi'. Recently the actor talked about his initial struggle. During the interview given to ETimes, Indresh Malik's career started with the tv show 12/24 Karol Bagh. During this time he gave all the credit for his success to his wife.

'You are so small, there is no body...'

During the conversation, Indresh Malik said, 'There were a lot of ups and downs during my career, but I believe that everyone goes through it. I have kept myself very calm in difficult times. In the beginning I was not allowed to do anything except business. I got married long ago. I was 21-22 years old when I got married. One day the shooting of the tv show 12/24 Karol Bagh was going on in delhi and I was selected for it. After that I never looked back.

'What will he do after going there, he will get beaten?'

Talking about entering the industry, Indresh Malik said, 'Everyone in my family is very educated. They didn't think I would be able to do anything in the industry. They thought that I was not made for acting. They thought that you are so small, neither are you a model, nor have any body, what will you do after going there, you will get pushed and I was not interested in business at all. I was very short in height, I did not look very good as per my height. Things were very different in the industry 15 years ago.

Talking in support of his wife, the actor said, 'My wife always praises me. Being a businesswoman, my wife supported me. He took care of a lot of things and told me, 'Go simran ji take your life', he took care of the business so that I could act. Both of us together decided that I would try my luck in the industry and she would handle the business and she has handled everything very well.

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