2nd marriage with producer at 48? Actress Pragati gave a quality reply..


Actress Pragati has given a standard response to the news that she is going to marry a famous producer for the second time.

Born in Andhra Pradesh, pragathi Mahavadi was a leading actress of telugu cinema. Similarly, he has also acted in tamil, malayalam and other languages. In 1994, Pragati made her debut as a heroine in Bhagyaraj's Veetla Viseshanka in Tamil. Following this, he acted in films like Periya Marudu, Summa Irunga Machan, Hajwa Demokratam and Putulavan.

Later in 2000 she acted in many films as a character actress. Especially in the telugu film industry, he has acted in more than 100 tamil films including Jayam, Silambatam, Tharai Thapattai Kethu.

He has acted in serials in many languages like telugu, tamil, Malayalam. Prakathy came back into the limelight with the serial Palace Parrot which aired on Vijay tv from 2018 to 2020.


Now 49 years old, Pragati is active on social media. He is followed by millions. In that way, he has been regularly posting videos and reels related to bitcoins on his instagram page.


At the age of 20, Pragati fell in love with an IT company employee and got married. After the birth of two children to this couple, they separated due to a difference of opinion.

In this situation, it was reported that she is in love with a telugu producer and is planning to marry him soon. However, Pragati has denied this information and has also slammed a telugu media that broadcast this news.

Pragati said that it is very painful for leading news websites to publish wrong information about her. Asking him to submit any evidence of defamatory information about him, he also accused him of tarnishing his reputation.


He also requested to verify the truth of a news before publishing it and publish it with journalistic standards. Pragati's fans are supporting this opinion.

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