Kajal Aggarwal Shot For kamal haasan starrer 'Indian 2Two Months Postpartum: 'I Was Horse Riding & It Was Excruciatingly Painful'

Talking about resuming work 2 months postpartum to do a full-fledged action film, 'Indian 2', Kajal Aggarwal shed light on the challenges postpartum she faced personally and professionally.

Actor kajal aggarwal has been in the film industry for sixteen years now. Kajal has predominantly worked in telugu and tamil films and also some hindi movies over these many years. In a recent interaction, Kajal spoke about her journey, her mother's guilt, women-centric roles, and several challenges and criticism she has faced in her career. Talking about resuming work a week postpartum and then doing a full-fledged action film, 'Indian 2', 2 months post-partum, Kajal Agarwal shed light on the challenges postpartum she faced personally and professionally.

Kajal Aggarwal on life after marriage

In an interview with the channel, PREMA the journalist, Kajal shed light on not changing as much as a person post-marriage as she did after motherhood. The 'Mersalactor accepted that managing her home and her professional life was not as challenging as having a baby. Calling this subjective, Kajal shared, "Every time, you move forward in life, you feel the earlier phase was easier."

"Now, I have one child, maybe if I have two, I feel having one is easier than having two. I feel marriage is easier now it's not as easy as it used to be before getting married when I was single. It was so amazing because I was not answerable to anyone."

Kajal Aggarwal resumed work 1 week postpartum

Kajal also shed light on resuming work postpartum after delivering her son Neil. The actor shared that she began shooting for kamal haasan starrer 'Indian 2two months after delivering her son Neil. "I was so emotionally invested because the journey had been for four years. It's not about now. Things happened in between. COVID happened otherwise this movie would have been over long ago."

“Two months postpartum, I shot indian 2.When asked how physically demanding it was, Agarwal shared, " It was extremely demanding. I was back on a horse 2 months after delivering my child. It was excruciatingly painful horse riding. And, I was also doing 'Kalaripayattuand I barely had the strength. But then, I was trying to build up. I had to look the part, I had to fit back in. I had to stick to my commitment and that was not easy for me but then I did not want to let go of that film because of the journey I've had with that film."

Kajal added that if she had left ‘Indian 2’ then, they would have gone with someone else. 

However, praising her director S.Shankar for fitting her schedule till the last moment he could, just so that he could accommodate Kajal in the film, she added that he assured her that “ no one is going to take your place."

Indian 2 release date

Meanwhile, a new release date for 'Indian 2has been announced. The kamal haasan starrer will now be released on July 12, 2024.

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