As previously reported, music composer Ilaiyaraaja issued a legal warning to team Coolie for exploiting his music in the film's trailer without permission. The social media is divided in its views on the matter. Ilaiyaraaja's song 'Va va pakkam va' from 'Thangamagan' was remade, which sparked the controversy.
Some argue that Ilaiyaraaja should leave it go or speak with the parties involved privately rather than sending legal letters. However, some argue that he is doing the right thing, especially in an era where music companies hold all rights to songs and songwriters are neglected.

There are far too many perspectives on the internet about this situation, but we are attempting to assemble the great composer's point of view. In this scenario, Ilaiyaraaja controls the Echo label, which has exclusive rights to the album Thangamagan.
At the same time, if someone wants to reuse, replicate, or remake tracks from the album, they must get Ilaiyaraaja's authorization, which Coolie has not obtained. It irritated Ilaiyaraaja, who issued a legal notification to Team Coolie.

However, in most circumstances, the composer's rights are retained by producers or music labels, who can grant authorization, and the music composers have no voice in the matter. Ilaiyaraaja ensures that he has all music rights, which allows him to file copyright claims.
Most contracts in india grant producers/labels entire rights. It is against the copyright statute, yet no one has expressed their view due to a variety of issues. Some think Ilaiyaraaja would issue notifications to other composers, but his son yuvan shankar raja will not bother. However, here is video proof in which Yuvan claims to have acquired NOC from his father when he wanted to remix one of the latter's songs.

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