Copying is prevalent in the film business, although filmmakers justify themselves by claiming that they are inspired by others' work and replicate certain moments. But here's a story of how a tamil filmmaker exacted revenge on tollywood after discovering that parts from his films had been copied into telugu films. Sundar C, the filmmaker, is releasing his film Aranmanai 4 as 'Baak' in Telugu.
Sundar voiced his dismay in an interview after seeing a telugu film that appeared to have plagiarised elements from his previous flicks. He said that he later discovered parallels between his work in numerous other telugu films. Then he decided to develop a tamil film by taking parts from other telugu films, which won the 2003 film award. The filmmaker did not reveal the names of telugu films that included his work, and he did not even use the titles of films in Winner. Interestingly, Sundar C's film Aranmanai 4 stars tamannaah and Raashi Khanna and will be released as Baak and has scored a hit.

Despite the bad reviews, Aranmanai 4 has captivated people and generated outstanding box office results. According to an official poster given by the creators, the film made Rs 100 crore in 20 days, making it one of the few tamil films to accomplish this record this year. According to sources, Captain Miller and Ayalaan are the only other films that have grossed more than Rs 100 crore.


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