"I thought Dhanushu.. but in the end I was deceived".. namitha who created a storm in Kollywood 

Actress Namitha : namitha is an actress who is a glamor heroine and a dream girl in tamil cinema. It is no exaggeration to say that the word "machan" was popularized by him.

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Namitha is an actress who was born in surat and started her artistic journey by acting in telugu films. He made his debut in tamil in 2004 with the late actor Captain Vijayakanth's movie "Mengal Anna".

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Arjuna Song

Although Nameeta has acted alongside many leading actors like Thalapathy Vijay, Sathyaraj, Sarathkumar and Srikanth, the song "Arjuna arjuna Ambu Veet Arjuna" from the Sarathkumar starrer Aye in 2005 took her fame to another level.

Actress Namitha

Although actress namitha has occasionally acted in characters that give importance to the story, it is not an exaggeration to say that she has mostly played only attractive characters. In this case, actress Namita shared about a film opportunity she got in a recent interview.


"Last year in 2006 I was signed to act in a film, and they booked me first saying that you are going to play dhanush as the female lead in the film. But after the film started, it was revealed that dhanush is not playing in it, but another actor is playing it. I don't want to say the name of the film." .

Ne Venumda chellam

"After that, I left the film halfway through and I had complained to the producers' association as well. But somehow they made me act in the film," he said and talked about losing the chance to act with Dhanush. netizens are commenting that the movie is the movie "Nee Venunda Chelam" which was released in the year 2006 and starred actor Jitan Ramesh.

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