Big budget film.. Rajinikanth, nagarjuna starrer flop - do you know which one?

The film was one of the most expensive indian films ever made and featured four superstars. However, it ended up being India's biggest flop.In the late 80s, the volume of indian films began to rise. Films like Razia sultan had a budget of Rs 7 crore. In 1991, shashi kapoor made the superhero fantasy film Ajuba, the most expensive indian film at the time, with a budget of Rs 8 crore.


But a few months later, a telugu actor-filmmaker broke the record. Like Ajuba, this film was a huge flop despite having four superstars. Shanti kranti is a 1991 action film produced and directed by V. Ravichandran.


The film was an ambitious project produced simultaneously in four languages - kannada, telugu, tamil and Hindi. The kannada version featured Ravichandran in the lead role and juhi chawla as the female lead. Khushbu and Ananth Nag in supporting roles. These three are the only actors to appear in all four versions.

Juhi Chawla

The biggest change from other versions is the lead actors. nagarjuna played the hero in the telugu version. On the other hand, the hindi and tamil versions had Rajinikanth in the lead. Made on a budget of Rs 10 crore, Shanti kranti was the most expensive indian film at the time.

Shanti Kranti

It held the record until Trimurti broke it four years later. Despite a huge budget, presence of four superstars and huge promotion across India, Shanti kranti was a huge box office failure.


It grossed just Rs 8 crore at the box office and failed to recover its budget. V. Ravichandran, who invested most of the money himself, lost all the money and went bankrupt.

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