The much-anticipated debut of international icon kamal haasan and star filmmaker S. Shankar's indian 2, also known as bharateeyudu 2, appears to be delayed once more. While this sequel to the explosive movie has sparked widespread enthusiasm among fans, earning a cult following since its predecessor's popularity, it was recently announced that the picture would be released in theatres on june 27, 2024. That appears to be incorrect.

Indian-2 had been delayed in the manufacturing pipeline for some time before stalin -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>udhayanidhi stalin took over, restarting the project's progress. However, a recent rumor in kollywood film circles suggests a modification in the release plan, with July 12 being mentioned as a new release date. While an official confirmation is yet to be released, industry sources are concerned that if bharateeyudu 2 is postponed, ram Charan's Game Changer may also be delayed.

In truth, shankar has been juggling between indian 2 and Game Changer for a long time after lyca productions went court to force the filmmaker to complete the kamal haasan film first before working on ram Charan's. Many people are questioning why the delays in indian 2 are happening at the same time that Charan's film is closing up all of its dates. This question is frequently raised because shankar is responsible for both parties' post-production work.

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