Sukumar, a creative director, is one of the most talked-about filmmakers right now. Not because of the release of Pushpa's title song, but because of filmmaker Arjun, who made his debut with the film prasanna Vadamam. Arjun, who previously worked with Sukumar, is receiving plaudits for his performance in the film, which has already become a smash. sukumar is the only filmmaker of his generation whose helpers and collaborators have recently earned huge blockbusters.

From kumari 21 f director surya pratap Palnati to the most recent prasanna Vadanam director Arjun, everyone had an influence. karthik Dandu, who made his debut with Virupaksha, has now signed on to work with naga Chaitanya, and his career appears to be taking off.
Buchi Babu Sana, the director of Uppena, needs no introduction as he prepares to collaborate with ram charan on his upcoming film. srikanth Odela, well known for Dasara, has made a name for himself as a director.
Sukumar chooses the appropriate personnel for his squad, and they are all well-equipped with abilities at all levels, culminating in great hits in their debuts. So the industry believes Sukumar's aides are unstoppable. Stay tuned.

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