'If Dawood Liked A heroine, He...': Kangana Ranaut Speaks About ‘Exploitation’ In bollywood Of The 1980s

Kangana Ranaut recently opened up about the time when she joined the film industry, the circumstances in her family, and the alleged 'underworld influencein bollywood in the 80-90s.

Kangana Ranaut recently opened up about the time when she joined the film industry, the circumstances in her family, and the 'underworld influencein bollywood in the 80s-90s. Speaking about how things have changed in the film industry over the years, especially with the way women are treated and have been treated in the industry, Kangana in an interaction with ABP Live spoke about the alleged dark belly of bollywood in the 90s. Citing examples of actors like monica bedi who were associated with the underworld or how many leading actors have become prey to the exploits of the underworld, kangana also spoke about the wave of empowerment that has come in the film industry.

In an exclusive interaction with  Live, Kangana about the beginning of the film industry post-partition in India.

Kangana Ranaut on the state of industry at the time she joined

Speaking about her roots, the stereotype of women associated with the film industry and a time when families thought ill of it to a time now when women actors can do well in the industry without the fear of exploitation, kangana also said, "Jab film industry mein nayi heroine ayi hai to jao Dawood ko salam karke ago...you know. Ab hum 80s mein paeda hue hai, sab actors ki photos apko Dawood ke samne milti hai aur ye bhi khule mein pata chalta hai ki don ko agar koi ladki pasand ayi to usko leke jate hai. Kaunsi kitni heroines ke sath aisa hua hua hai, you know, humne dekha hua hai voh chahe monica bedi ho... I don't want to take names..."(When a new actor comes into the film industry, she is asked to salute Dawood. We are born in the 80s... All of the actual photos were sent to Dawood and everyone knows that if Don liked a girl, he would take her. It has happened with many heroines out there, be it monica Bedi...)

Talking about the state of the industry when she joined in, she said, "Humare mata pita ko kaise lagega. Hum bhi to 80s mein paeda hue hai. Hum 2000 mein filmon mein jana chah rahe hai, to aap socho unke to hosh ud jayein, voh to mar hi jaye aur ye mere ghar ki stithi thi; ki hum aatma hatya kar lenge agar tum filmon mein jaogi to.(Imagine, what are parents would have thought. We were born in the 80s and wanted to be in the movies in the 2000s. With all this happening in the film industry, imagine what our parents would have thought. This was the situation in my house. They told me, we would commit suicide if I joined the film industry.)

Currently, kangana ranaut is contesting the lok sabha 2024 elections from Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. kangana ranaut is contesting against congress leader vikramaditya Singh for the lok sabha constituency, Mandi, otherwise known for electing erstwhile royals.

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