Does Janhvi call boyfriend Shikhar to check? 

Bollywood actress Jhanvi Kapoor is in the headlines these days for her upcoming film Mr. and Mrs. Mahi. The actress is promoting the film vigorously. Amidst all this, in an interview, Jhanvi was asked whether she checks her boyfriend's phone, on which the actress made an interesting revelation which left everyone surprised.

Jhanvi Kapoor checks boyfriend's phone

Jhanvi Kapoor had reached an event to promote her film Mr. and Mrs. During this time the actress was looking very beautiful in saree. Jhanvi was asked a question at the event, 'Should girlfriends be allowed to check their boyfriend's phones? Everyone was surprised to hear the answer Jhanvi gave to this question. Actually Jhanvi said, "I know this is a red flag but I keep checking my phone."

Should boyfriend check girlfriend's phone?

When someone from the audience asked Jhanvi, "Should a boyfriend be allowed to check his girlfriend's phone?" To this the actress replied flatly, “No!” When she was asked why it should not happen, Jhanvi said, 'Why don't you believe it?' Hearing this from Jhanvi, everyone started laughing. Currently, this video of the actress is going viral on social media.

Jhanvi Kapoor is dating Shikhar Pahadia

Let us tell you that Jhanvi Kapoor had recently confirmed that she is dating Shikhar Pahadia. The interesting thing is that they had broken up earlier but now both are together again. While talking to mirchi Plus, Jhanvi had said, “He (Shikhar Pahadia) has been in my life since I was 15-16 years old. I think my dreams have always been her dreams and her dreams have always been my dreams. We have been very close. We have been each other's support system almost as if we raised each other.

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