Malaika Arora gets worried after Shah Rukh's health…

Recently, due to extreme heat in Ahmedabad, Shahrukh Khan's health had deteriorated after the IPL match. The actor was hospitalized due to dehydration. After seeing Shahrukh in such a condition, his fans were shocked. However, now Shahrukh is fine and has come back to Mumbai. Meanwhile, malaika arora reached an event where she was talking about the environment. During this, malaika also gave tips to avoid heatstroke.

When Shahrukh fell ill?

After the IPL match held in Ahmedabad, KKR has reached the finals. After which shahrukh khan celebrated. But this celebration did not last long, because after this the actor became unwell. Although now he is fine. Meanwhile, when malaika arora was asked about Shahrukh Khan's health during an event, she was asked for suggestions to avoid the heat. The actress gave many suggestions to the fans.

Malaika gave suggestions

Malaika Arora told Instant Bollywood, this is why I keep saying, we have to be conscious and aware of our environment. This is the only way the environment will love you back. But it is very hot, so you can't do much. The solution for this is to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water, wear cool, comfortable clothes, use sunscreen, try to carry an umbrella. These are my suggestions that I can give.

Fitness freak malaika

Let us tell you that even though malaika arora is not doing films, she pays full attention to her fitness. The actress is a fitness freak and keeps sharing videos on social media while doing exercise and yoga. He is also often spotted outside the gym.

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