Hina Khan impressed by Nancy Tyagi's fashion sense...

In the year 2019, popular tv actress Hina Khan showed her fashion style in Cannes. The actress made her debut at the Cannes Film festival at that time. After this, in the year 2022, Hina came to launch the poster of her Indo-English film, Country of Blind. Both times Hina Khan attracted everyone's attention with her outfit on the red carpet.

Hina was impressed by Nancy Tyagi's fashion sense, who stunned in Cannes

Now once again this year the 77th Cannes Film festival is being celebrated in France. During this, Hina Khan told in an interview why she missed being a part of Cannes this year. The actress said, 'How much I missed going to Cannes this year, both times I took my films. So when I have a movie, I will go again. Hina Khan further said- 'I enjoy dressing up a lot and I know many people in Cannes. I lost this opportunity this time. I know a lot of photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and designers. I know that if I go there, everything will just click. But the only thing is that I am not there this time.

'I'm very proud of him'

When Hina was asked what has been her favorite look this year? So the actress replied- 'I saw some looks and all of them were good. But I liked Nancy Tyagi very much. She recreated the look very well and I am very proud of her. 'Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai' fame actress said- 'We have many big designers in the fashion industry. But how many people can actually afford their outfits? Perhaps only ten percent of the people of our country can do this. Nancy works very hard and people can buy those outfits at half the price.

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