Shoaib revealed his love story with Dipika and told how the actress's father reacted

Recently, shoaib ibrahim revealed if he and dipika kakar faced any problems in their relationship. Let us tell you.

Popular TV actor shoaib ibrahim married the love of his life Dipika Kakar in 2018 and was blessed with the arrival of a son Ruhaan in 2023. Recently, in an interaction, Shoaib revealed how his then-girlfriend Dipika's father reacted to their relationship.

Shoaib Ibrahim revealed his love story with Deepika Kakkar

Recently, shoaib ibrahim appeared on social media sensation Mr Faisu aka Faizal Sheikh's podcast where he spoke about his relationship with Dipika Kakar. The actor revealed that he and Dipika first met on the sets of his show 'Sasural Simar Ka' in which they both played lead roles. Shoaib revealed that their love story began after the show ended. The actor revealed that he and Dipika came into an official relationship in 2015-2016 and got married in 2018.

Mr. Faizu asked him if he faced any problems in marrying dipika kakar or if both families had any objections to it. On this question, Shoaib revealed that he did not face any problems from his respective families as everyone knew about it. The actor said that when he first spoke about Dipika in front of his parents, his mother told him that she could see love in her son's eyes.

Shoaib Ibrahim recalls Dipika Kakar's father's reaction to their relationship 

Talking about Dipika's family, Shoaib revealed that there was no such objection and the actress' family also had no objection. Recalling Dipika's father's reaction to this, Shoaib said that he had told him that they have to spend the rest of their lives together, so it is up to them, as their happiness is what matters. Dipika's father had said, "Tum bolo, jo bolo, hum taiyaar hai. Khushi tum log ko jeena hai, zindagi bihateni hai saath mein."

Dipika Kakar's second pregnancy rumours

Earlier, rumors were rife that dipika kakar was pregnant for the second time. The speculations intensified when Shoaib had talked about it in one of his vlogs that Ruhaan's health was not doing well. After consulting doctors, he and Dipika were relieved and if they ever became parents for the second time, it would be a little easier. However, the two had paid no heed to the rumors and later Shoaib dismissed all these rumors in one of his vlogs.

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