Food Donations in all assembly constituencies: TVK announcement!

On the occasion of World Hunger Day, it has been announced by the tamil Nadu victory Association that food donations will be distributed in all assembly constituencies across tamil Nadu. World Hunger Day is observed on May 28 every year to ensure food security and to urge countries around the world to address malnutrition. In this situation, on the occasion of World Hunger Day, it has been announced that on the 28th of tamil Nadu, food will be distributed to the people in all assembly constituencies on behalf of tamil Nadu Vetri Kazhagam.

In a statement released by the party's general secretary Bussi Anand, "According to the instructions of the President of the tamil Nadu Congress, Thalapathy, we should make arrangements to provide food to the public in all assembly constituencies across tamil Nadu on 28.05.2024, which is the World Hunger Day, stressing the need to create a world without hunger. I kindly request everyone including the district, team, city, union, branch, and assembly constituency administrators to follow the relevant election guidelines donate food to the general public, and engage in public welfare work.” 

Actor Vijay launched a party called Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam last February. He said that there is no support for anyone in the lok sabha elections and the only target is the 2026 tamil Nadu assembly elections. Accordingly, the Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam has started the work for that.

On the other hand, before starting the party, last year, actor Vijay held a felicitation ceremony inviting the students who secured the top 3 positions in 234 constituencies in the 10th and 2 general examinations. He presented them with a certificate and an incentive of Rs.5 thousand each. Similarly, actor Vijay donated food on the occasion of World Hunger Day through his people's movement. In continuation of this, Vijay has instructed his party to carry out those tasks in the current year as well. Also, like last year, Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam leader actor Vijay is giving prize money of Rs. 5000 each to the students who secured the top 3 positions in the 10th and 12th class examination across tamil Nadu.

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