Sridevi Vijayakumar: Is dhanush a wandering angel? sridevi Vijayakumar's cute photos

The latest photos of actress sridevi Vijayakumar, who starred opposite dhanush in Devathaiyai Kanden, are going viral. sridevi is the shopkeeper in actor Vijayakumar's house. sridevi, the last daughter of the Vijayakumar-Manjula couple, like her older sisters Vanita and Preeta, has been acting in films from an early age. His first film as a child star was Rickshaw Mama.

Sridevi, who acted as a child star in a few films, then made her debut as a heroine in Kadhal Virus in 2002 directed by Kathir. sridevi vijayakumar acted opposite richard Rishi, brother of actress shalini Ajithkumar in the film.

Later, sridevi, who acted as the heroine in films like Beloved Doshi with madhavan and Diditkuthe opposite Jeeva, attracted the fans with her sultry performance. As a result, film opportunities started coming to sridevi not only in tamil but also in other languages including telugu and Kannada.

Actress Sridevi's biggest hit in tamil was the movie Devathayi Kanden opposite Dhanush. sridevi vijayakumar played the role of Uma in the 2005 film.

The songs of the film were also huge hits. Especially in the song 'Mama Bhaiya', sridevi does not accept actor Dhanush's love and makes him sing Teru Teruwa Alaiurandi. sridevi, who was expected to make a round in kollywood after this film, never appeared in tamil cinema after the film.

Sridevi married rahul in 2009 and settled down and has a daughter. sridevi continues to participate in small screen reality shows even though she has not ventured into cinema. Apart from that, actress sridevi has more than 9 lakh followers as she has been doing various photoshoots and posting their photos on Instagram. In order to attract them, sridevi has now posted pictures of herself in a short skirt.

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