Serial heroine janani Ashok? Swimming Photos released in bikini dress!

'Heart' Serial heroine janani Ashok ... The swimming pool photo, which has been so attractive, has been seen as viral among fans. In the desire to shine on the silver screen, it is okay to be a small character, but it is okay to play the role of Nayanthara in the movie 'Udayanidhi' starring 'Udayanidhi'. Then he got a roll for a minute in the film. Although there are no such rolls, there is no improvement in the cinema carrier, and he started looking for a chance in the serial.

Janani Ashok

Janani, who played the lead role in many leading serials, Silent Ragam and Zee tamil Series, aired on Vijay TV, caused a stir in the video, saying that the serial team had evicted from the Sembarathi serial. Beyond the serials, he is also acting in a series called 'Other Chang Office' which is aired on the OTT site. The heart serial has been well received among fans in zee Tamil. janani Ashok, who is a family piercing lamp, is now seen as a family punching lamp. Are you like this? It is worth noting that they are raising shock questions.

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