Hardik Pandya's Video Viral – Half of the property is in the name of mother!

An old video in which hardik pandya claims to have written half of his assets in his mother's name is now going viral.

Mumbai indians captain hardik pandya is going to divorce his wife natasha for the past few days. They got engaged on january 1, 2020, but got married on May 31 that year due to the Corona lockdown in a very simple manner. After 2 months they had a son named Agastya.

Hardik Pandya and natasha Stankovic got married again on Valentine's Day 2023. It is at this stage that the relationship between hardik pandya and natasha has split and both of them are getting divorced. In addition, there are reports that hardik pandya will have to give 70 percent of the property as alimony if he divorces Natasha. It is in this context that an old video of hardik pandya is currently going viral.

Speaking at a program in 2017, Pandya had said that he had written half of his property in his mother's name. Apart from that, he has mentioned that all the cars and houses he buys are in his mother's name. It is to be noted that this video is now going viral to explain that hardik pandya cannot get any alimony from him due to this.

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