Kavya Maran got emotional after 'SRH's' defeat but appreciated her team, netizens praised her

IPL team 'Sunrisers Hyderabad' co-owner Kavya Maran's eyes filled with tears when her team lost the last IPL match against KKR. netizens have reacted to this. Let's show you.

IPL team 'Sunrisers Hyderabad' co-owner Kavya Maran has once again mesmerized the fans with her glimpse from Chennai's 'MA chidambaram Stadium'. Even though the 'Sunrisers hyderabad team could not win the IPL 2024 trophy, Kavya's appreciation of her team caught everyone's attention. Let us tell you that Kavya is the co-owner of the team along with her father and 'Sun Group chairman and founder Kalanithi Maran. Apart from this, Kavya is also involved in the business operations of 'Sun tv Network'.

Kavya Maran broke down in tears after her team lost the IPL final 

It is worth noting that every match ends with a winner and a losing team. In such a situation, when one side of the stadium jumps with joy, the other gets emotional, but despite the defeat, when Kavya Maran kept the sportsmanship intact while encouraging her team, she won the hearts of millions with this. On May 26, 2024, when Kavya's team Sunrisers Hyderabad lost the match against kolkata Knight Riders, tears came to her eyes. She was the first to leave the stand and go out. However, after this, she came back and was seen applauding her team members.

Netizens react to Kavya Maran supporting her team

As soon as the glimpses surfaced on social media, netizens flooded the comments section of the post, praising Kavya Maran for supporting the SRH players. "This is what we call honor, not someone who disrespects his captain and team," wrote a netizen while many others consoled her by asking her to stay strong. Check out the reactions of the users here.

Kavya's total wealth is approximately Rs 409 crores

With Kavya's involvement in business, her net worth is hugeAccording to a report by 'Janbharat Times', Kavya's net worth is Rs 409 crore. Apart from this, Kavya's father Kalanidhi's net worth is Rs 19,000 crore.

Well, we are very proud of Kavya Maran for appreciating her team's performance throughout the IPL season. So what do you have to say about this? Do let us know by commenting.

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