Dalljiet Kaur accused Nikhil Patel, then deleted the post…

TV actress Daljeet Kaur is in news these days about her married life. Daljeet has made many allegations against her husband Nikhil Patel. First Daljeet accused Nikhil of cheating. Now Daljeet claims that Nikhil is not accepting their marriage. Daljeet is upset because of this. Daljeet had written all this through a post. However, then he deleted this post.

Daljeet had written this in the post

Daljeeta had posted and written in hindi – My clothes are there, my bangles are there, my temple, all my things are there. My house is there. Even my child's clothes, books and his expectations from his father are there. That is my in-laws house. The painting I had made is there. My saree is there on every diwan. But my husband is saying that this is not my house. They are saying that we were never married. Is that my house? SN What do you say?

Is he not my husband? Is Nikhil not my husband? Aren't we married?

Apart from this, he had made a post on insta Story and in that too he had asked questions regarding marriage. After Daljeet deleted the post, some people are asking why he deleted the post. Some people are saying that it is good that they deleted the post. Fans are supporting Daljeet and asking him to have courage. Let us tell you that on Saturday, Daljeet had confirmed his separation with Nikhil through insta Story. Daljeet had also accused Nikhil of cheating. A few months ago, Daljeet and Nikhil had also unfollowed each other.

When did Daljeet get married?

Let us tell you that Daljeet and Nikhil got married in 2023. After this marriage, Daljeet shifted to kenya with her husband. Initially everything was going well. Daljeet used to share glimpses of her married life through posts on social media. However, after some time Daljeet returned to India. After this, news started coming about problems in Daljeet's married life. Before Nikhil, Daljeet was married to actor Shalin Bhanot. He also has a son from this marriage. However, this marriage did not last. Daljeet had also accused Shalin of domestic violence.

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