The painful story of YouTuber Ayushi Sharma…

YouTuber Ayushi Sharma is a social media star. Fans like his videos a lot. Ayushi has a good fan following. However, all this has not been so easy for him. Ayushi Sharma lives in Gurugram. He recently told that his journey as a content creator has not been easy at all. He has seen a lot of ups and downs. In josh Talk, Ayushi said- 'I was born in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. In my family background, beating women was normal. He was given training to express emotions. My father was in Mumbai. He is a truck driver.

Uncle assaulted me

She further said, 'When I was in first class. At that time, my uncle used to physically and sexually assault me for a year. I was sent to him on the pretext of teaching me. I used to dissuade my mother also. But they thought that perhaps I wanted to avoid studying, that is why I was refusing. But they didn't know what was happening to me. Even I myself did not know what was happening. My uncle used to send my brother to buy toffee and then my uncle used to assault me. Apart from this, she told that when she was in third class, she had shifted to bikaner with her mother and brother. His financial situation was not good at that time. My mother used to work under my aunt. Then he studied like this till 12th. Then he started working along with studies. Then she came to jaipur to become an air hostess, but she was not selected here. She started working as a receptionist. He faced a lot of trouble in jaipur also. Then one day after getting tired she went back to Bikaner. After this, she started making videos with her mother in Corona and then shifted to Gurugram.

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