Thangalan to be delayed after Rayan? - what is the reason?

Thangalaan Release : Famous director B. Directed by Ranjith, Thangalan is the much awaited film starring veteran actor vikram for the first time.

Actor vikram is the one who made his debut as a dubbing artiste in tamil cinema, after which he started acting in small roles and then became the leading hero with the movie "Sethu". It is well known that his fans fondly call him "Sian". In this context last year famous director B. vikram was signed to act in a film directed by Ranjith.

Thangalaan Shooting

Pa with a very different story of his own. "Thangalan" was the film that Ranjith started making. The film is a story about the harsh lifestyle of the tamil people who lived under the british rule and "Thangalan" who lived there. Vikram's fans were expecting Tangalan to hit the theaters early this year.

Thangalaan Postponed

Then it was announced that the movie will release in the first week of April. Finally, Vikram's fans were expecting the movie Tangalan to release in june after the elections in tamil Nadu. But they continue to be disappointed. It is said that the release of Tangalan has been delayed again due to the pending release of many leading actors' films. It is said that the film is likely to release in late July or early August.


Similarly, the release date of popular actor Dhanush's film Rayan, which is being directed and released by himself, is getting delayed due to various reasons. In the world of Kollywood, fans have been blaming the production houses for not doing proper research on the film's release

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