The other day, #NTRNeel was revealed on the occasion of Jr NTR's birthday; while the combination was announced a year ago, they stated that the filming will begin in august 2024. That would raise questions about the destiny of "Salaar 2: Shouryanga Parvam" in light of director Prashanth Neel's upcoming project with Tarak.
Initially, Neel was preoccupied with scheduling several actors for the filming of "Salaar 2". Actors Jagapathi Babu, bobby Simha, and Sriya reddy have confirmed their availability for the filming of "Salaar 2," adding to the excitement around the project. Now that the creators of the #NTRNeel film have stated that production will begin in august, the status of the Salaar sequel is unknown. Will "Salaar 2" be temporarily paused, or will it proceed as planned?

since the industry waits for an official declaration on the status of "Salaar 2," fans and aficionados are sceptical of #NTRNeel's date announcement, since they have previously stated a few dates. Last year, it was announced that filming will begin in march 2023, but now it has here. Let's see what prashant Neel says anyhow! Let's see who gets the first choice and we will know a clear picture sooner

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