These low budget South films made strong earnings!!!

Low budget films of South industry are getting good response. Films like Premalu, Manjummel Boys and lover earned well at the box office. After good response at the box office, their OTT rights have also been sold at good prices. The makers made a good deal for streaming on OTT and recovered many times the budget. Let us tell you that OTT rights were not bought before the theatrical release of these films. Because after taking the rights of big films in advance, when those films did not work, OTT platforms also had to suffer losses. But these low budget films of South performed well at the box office.

Earned in crores

There was tremendous craze about Manjummel Boys. According to Live Mint, this film is made in a budget of less than 10 crores. This film earned 200 crores worldwide. There are reports that streaming platforms spent $2.4 million to buy the rights.

The romantic comedy Premalu, which is made on almost the same budget as Manjummel Boys, earned more than 130 crores. The romantic drama lover was made on a budget of less than 5 crores, this film earned 10 crores. A senior executive of the streaming platform said about this - If the OTT rights of a film are not sold before the theatrical release and the film performs well at the box office, then it remains in a profitable position. Platforms are always ready to pay for films that have been successful at the box office. Especially if they feel that their target audience will relate to it.

It is dubbed in different languages

Along with this, OTT platforms also dub such films in different languages. Even if the film was not released in other languages at the time of theatrical release. Like Manjummel Boys is a malayalam film. When the film was released in theatres, there were no dubbed versions of it. But this film can be watched in hindi, Tamil, telugu and kannada on Disney Plus Hotstar. At the same time, the Marathi film VED is also available in hindi on OTT, while there was no dubbed version at the time of its theatrical release.

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