This actress became a superstar overnight with a serial!!!

Deepika Chikhalia became an overnight hit by playing the role of Sita in Ramayan Sagar's 'Ramayana'. This character brought a lot of fame to the actress. deepika made her bollywood debut with raj kiran in the film 'Sun Meri Laila'. In those days, the actress gained a lot of popularity by working in both films and TV.

Rejected from the film due to age

In 1984, deepika chikhalia came to know about the auditions for a film, which was to be directed by actor raj Kapoor. The actress recently revealed that she had approached raj kapoor for the role of Mandakini in the 1985 film 'Ram Teri ganga Maili'. However, deepika chikhalia was rejected due to age. This decision of raj kapoor proved to be one of the best things for deepika chikhalia because 2 years later, in 1987, she was cast in the role of Devi Sita in Ramanand Sagar's 1987 'Ramayan'. Her role in the superhit tv show gave deepika chikhalia so much popularity that she became a household name and a superstar.

Even thought of leaving the industry

In the interview, deepika chikhalia said, 'In those days I was doing small second-person roles. I was doing small films as a heroine. But I was not happy. I felt like leaving the industry. Raj's father Kapoor's daughter Reema's best friend was my father's friend. She told me that raj kapoor was looking for a new face for the film. When she talked to raj kapoor, he refused to cast her because she was 17 years old at that time.'

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