Many comedians became prominent actors and established a niche for themselves in Tollywood. Sunil, srinivas Reddy, and even vennela kishore earned a name for themselves. Especially those who rose to prominence with the jabardasth television series and performed well in films. sudigali sudheer is an example. Now, getup srinu will try his luck with his freshly released film Raju Yadav.
Raju Yadav, starring Getup Srinu, depicts the story of a guy whose life is challenged by an event that produces an unusual facial disease that keeps him smiling. The filmmakers have already released a theatrical trailer that effectively conveys the major subject. With a wonderful combination of comedy, suspense, and drama, the film provides a new perspective on light-hearted drama. getup srinu needs no introduction because he is already well-known, but it remains to be seen whether spectators will turn up in cinemas. But, it never happened.
Srinu was recently seen in a few of chiranjeevi films, and his part in HanuMan gained him a lot of attention and notoriety. Even before then, his sketches in jabardasth gained popularity, and his work is extensively shared in the meme world. Although he is famous on social media, we are uncertain whether this translates into box office results.

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