"I have closed the doors.. I have sung a new song".

 Shruti in extreme sadness - insta post viral!

Actress shruti Haasan: Famous actress and singer shruti Haasan's elder daughter of the world hero Kamal Haasan has gone viral on her instagram page.

Actress and singer shruti haasan planning for new sad album her insta post viral in social media.Sruthi Haasan is an actress who was born in 1986 in chennai and she is 38 years old. She completed her schooling in chennai and graduated in psychology from Mumbai. sruthi Haasan, who started acting as a child star in her father's films at a very young age, started her journey as a heroine in the tamil film "Ejaam Bihu" released in 2011.

He is continuously acting in many good films in Hindi, telugu, tamil and english languages. Finally, in the year 2023, he played an important role in the telugu film Salaar. He is also acting in films in tamil and Telugu.

He recently released a music album titled "Inimeel" composed and sung by him. The album was produced and presented by World hero Kamal Haasan. Also noted is that famous director lokesh kanagaraj acted opposite shruti haasan in it. The album became hugely viral.

In this situation, there were reports that shruti haasan, who has been in love with Shantanu for the past few years, will marry him soon. But recently they both separated and now shruti haasan is living alone. He has said that he started writing songs again when he was in love.

Referring to the lyrics of 'I have closed my doors', he said that he has started writing songs again. He said that when he searched for light under the swimming clan, he found only algae. He is also expected to release a new album soon.

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