Sridevi welcomed her child with a poem - emotional post!

Sridevi : "The scar you gave me... a medal for me".. sridevi welcomed her child with a poem - emotional post!

Actress sridevi Ashok: Famous serial actress sridevi ashok has given birth to a baby girl today. He has expressed the arrival of his daughter on this earth through poetry.

Famous Serial Actress sridevi ashok welcomed her second baby girl see what she shared.Sridevi ashok is a famous actress who has been acting in silver screen and small screen plays for more than 20 years. He was born in the year 1988 and started his artistic journey in the year 2004 with the movie "Pudhukkottai Idi Saravanan" starring famous actor Dhanush.

Sridevi ashok was born in chennai and completed her school and college studies there. sridevi, who ended her film career with the 2006 film "East Coast Road", continued her small screen journey with the popular sun TV drama "Chellamadi Nee Maadu".

He is famous for acting in more than 20 dramas in many leading channels like sun, Kalainar, Gemini, Star Vijay and Zee tamil in last 17 years. He is currently playing an important role in the drama "Mothalum Valandum" which is being aired on Star Vijay.

Sridevi, who is married to Ashok, already has a daughter and now she has a second daughter. Actress sridevi ashok has welcomed the baby girl into this world by singing a beautiful poem in English.

He welcomed his daughter to this earth by singing a poem saying, "Because you came to this earth on a detour, I got scars. So that's okay, those scars are the medals you gave me. I risked my life to bring you to this earth. But soon I hope to overcome all of them and come back."

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