Bollywood rejoiced on India's victory against Pakistan!!!

In india, cricket is more than a sport, it is a religion. Fans are very excited about every match and stick to their screens. At present, the t20 world cup 2024 has started. The india vs pakistan match was held yesterday, about which everyone was very excited. However, despite the initial setbacks including the early dismissal of star players virat kohli and Rohit Sharma, the indian team made a great comeback and won a thrilling victory. While the whole country rejoiced on India's victory, bollywood also celebrated. Many celebs have congratulated india on their victory.

Varun dhawan rejoiced on Team India's victory

Varun dhawan, who recently became the father of a daughter, captured and shared the moment of India's victory over pakistan on his instagram story and expressed his happiness with the caption, writing, "What a match, what a performance, Team India! jai Hind!"

Amitabh Bachchan also expressed happiness on India's victory

The megastar of the century amitabh bachchan took to Xo express his happiness on India's victory and told how he had initially turned off the television due to fear of defeat, but he got excited after knowing about India's victory through the internet. Big B wrote in his , "T 5037(i) - Oh my god! I was watching india vs pakistan match, and in the middle I turned off the tv, when I felt that I am losing! But now suddenly I looked at the internet and we won, we won!!! india india India."

Sidharth Malhotra also felt happy on Team India's victory

Sidharth Malhotra also shared his excitement by posting a picture of the winning team on his instagram stories and wrote in the caption, "What a victory, Team india, Happy Sunday! As always, the excitement level is at the max."

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