The trailer of kalki 2898 AD has increased the bickering of the film's release

Kalki 2898 Ad Trailer OUT: Prabhas-Deepika and ashwatthama are bringing a new era, will see the heart

Kalki 2898 Ad Trailer: Waiting for the audience ends. The trailer of kalki 2898 AD was launched. bollywood has got a new direction from amitabh bachchan, deepika padukone, prabhas starrer kalki 2898 AD. bollywood is seen giving direct competition to Hollywood, as technology was used in the film.

Kalki 2898 Ad Trailer OUT: Prabhas-Deepika and ashwatthama are bringing a new era, will see the heart

Kalki 2898 Ad Trailer: amitabh bachchan, prabhas, deepika padukone is good news. The trailer of director Nag Ashwin's most awaited film kalki 2898 AD was finally released. The trailer has met the hopes of the fans. The trailer is as grand, as expected was expected by watching the teaser of this film. The special thing about the trailer is that nag ashwin not only rejected Mahabharata from the future point of view. Rather, by adding a diastopian touch to it, it made it something that has increased the audience's bickering about the film.

The trailer begins with Kashi, which is a city on the top of the mountain which is equipped with technology as well as all facilities. It is seen in the trailer that many people are struggling to go to the top of this city. people hope that the king whose role is done by eternal Chatterjee, is very powerful and is the one who can help everyone.

As the trailer moves forward, it is known that a child is going to be born. Who will convert the king and after which a new era will begin. Here, deepika padukone is shown in a baby bump, in which the child is growing in the womb which will change the future.

The trailer is telling that the king is looking at this child as a big challenge for himself and he wants to end this child under any circumstances. The trailer has also made many things clear about Prabhas's role in the film.

Prabhas, who became Bhairav, is shown as a person who is very powerful and no one can beat him. In the trailer, he proudly tells the king that it is only what he knows about deepika and can bring her. Because a new era is being created in Deepika's womb, amitabh, who became ashwatthama, is also ready to pay any price to save her.

Can prabhas bring Deepika? Whether or not the ashwatthama king can save deepika and her child from the dangers? This film will tell only this. But the kind of kalki is the trailer of 2898 AD and the way the technology has been used in it, it is certain that after a long time, the audience will get to see something which he has seen only in Hollywood.

Technology can be called the important aspect of kalki 2898 AD. The way graphics and VFX have been used in addition to AI to make this film, it has become clear that bollywood has caught the pulse of the audience. bollywood has understood which panthers have to use to bring the audience to the ticket window.

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