Vijay's sudden decision about 'Thalapathy 69'..!?

It is said that Thalapathy Vijay has taken a drastic decision regarding his next film, 'Thalapathy 69', and an announcement may be made soon. Thalapathy Vijay, who has been criticizing the current politics in his film festivals for the last 5 years, confirmed that he will enter politics last year.
Later, through Bussi Anand, he aggressively registered his party's name as Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam in the election commission and announced that he would contest the 2026 assembly elections in 234 constituencies.
Thalapathy Vijay's announcement that he is going to enter politics created a stir among the AIADMK and DMK parties as well. Because Thalapathy recruited more than 70 lakh volunteers in 24 hours with just one app. And since he is about to enter politics, he has announced that 'GOAT', which he is currently acting in, and 'Thalapathy 69', which he is going to act in next, will be his last films. Vijay's statement that he is completely retiring from the film industry shocked many fans.

According to the current information, a rumor is spreading that Thalapathy's last film will be 'GOAT'. Vijay has decided to start his political activities right now as he is going to face the assembly elections in april 2026, and many people are advising him that if he delays it, it will be very wrong, so he has changed his decision and decided to drop Thalapathy 69. Political commentators are also saying that Thalapathy is likely to make an announcement in this regard as soon as possible. If Thalapathy's GOAT is his last film, surely the film will break the collections of many leading actors who have released before it. So it is said that this could be a huge jackpot for the production company of the film. But it is noteworthy that Vijay has not released any information about the film 'Thalapathy 69' so far.

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