Hamare Baarah: 'Humare Barah' ready for release as soon as the bombay high court gives relief, will hit the theatres on this day

The supreme court stayed the release of Annu Kapoor's film 'Humare Barah'. The film, which was to be released in theatres on june 7, was mired in controversy for its bold story and depiction of the issue of population growth. However, on june 19, 2024, the bombay high court said that it did not find anything objectionable in Annu Kapoor's film Hamare Barah. Emphasizing that the film promotes the upliftment of women. The court has later approved its release in theatres as well. The court also said that the film will be released in theatres after the consensual amendments are made, including the removal of objectionable dialogues and scenes from the film and its trailer.

If media reports are to be believed, the film was earlier scheduled to release on juneand then it was postponed to june 14now it will premiere on june 21, 2024. After all the controversies, the court found that the purpose of this film was to uplift women. It also said that the indian public is not naïve or foolish. A division bench of Justices B P Colabawala and Firdosh Pooniwala said that the first trailer of the film was objectionable but it has been removed and all such objectionable scenes have been removed from the film.

The court recommended certain modifications which were accepted by both the filmmakers and the petitioners. They submitted consent terms expressing their consent to remove the objectionable portions and dialogues from the film. Apart from this, the court has also recommended the inclusion of two disclaimers of 12 seconds in the film.

The court has directed that a donation should be made to the 'Ideal Relief Committee Trust' within eight weeks of the release of the film. This fund will be used to help people affected by natural disasters.

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