Atlee's 3000 crore budget film with salman Khan..!?

Atlee has a barrage of luck waiting for him. atlee is getting every opportunity that even his guru shankar didn't get. The first film was a super hit, followed by three films with Thalapathy. With that completed, he accumulated success as a film director with Shah Rukh Khan. There are many accusations against him. The main accusation against him is that the films he takes are not his own story. It is said many of his films are copied. But he keeps flying high and high regardless of it all.
Now there is information about his new project. They say that the budget for this film is only three thousand crores. Apart from that, bollywood superstar salman khan plays the villain in this film. If this is shocking, the whole cinema world will be shocked if you say who the hero is. Superstar Rajinikanth will play the hero in Atlee's film. Apart from that, Rajini will play dual roles in this film. While there are reports that Coolie is Rajini's last film, his now teaming up with atlee has created a lot of buzz in the film industry.

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