Celebrities frequently overdo some things while they're on camera. This typically occurs in reality tv when disputes arise. They also draw teasing because of their actions. anasuya and Sekhar, the well-known dance master of Tollywood, are currently embroiled in a scandal. They both revealed why they were targeted for trolling.
An actress and anchor named anasuya took part in a reality programme in Star Maa. sekhar master also joined this programme, and in the contentious advertising film, both of them began dressing outrageously. Both of them became the target of trolling for going too far in a well viewed tv programme. The programme, Kiraak Boys khiladi Girls, was just launched by star maa Management.

Celebrities have a responsibility to make sure that on a tv programme, profanity stays within reason. This is a common occurrence on the etv comedy show Jabardasth. bigg boss also gained a lot of popularity by portraying this in several episodes. It's not good that all reality programmes now use it as part of their audience strategy. We must see how sekhar master and anasuya react to this dispute. They could also tweet about this on Twitter.

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