Gift given by naga chaitanya to Samantha..!?

Naga chaitanya and samantha are the star couples of the South indian film industry. They got married for love and got divorced after 3 years of married life. It broke their fans' hearts more than it broke their own hearts. At this stage, naga chaitanya once gave a special gift to Samantha. It was a big talking point. Actors and actresses in the film industry often fall in love with their co-directors or actors and get married. Starting from gemini Ganesan-Savitri to Surya-Jyothika, ashok Selvan-Keerthi Pandian, there are many such movie couples. Their star couple was naga chaitanya and Samantha.

They acted as a couple in the telugu remake of Vinnaithandi Varuvaya and were good friends initially. samantha, who was in love with Siddharth, acted in a few films with naga chaitanya after the break-up. The chemistry between them was also a reason why those films became hits. After that, they got married in a grand manner in 2017. Fans who saw samantha and naga chaitanya on screen and in many shows fell in love with their romance. But Samantha-Nagachaitanya's relationship is a good example of how not all relationships are as happy as they look on camera. Both of them announced that they would get divorced in 2021 after 3 years of marriage.
Samantha and naga chaitanya acted together in a film when they were married. An incident that happened during the promotion of the film is currently going viral on the internet. Talking about naga Chaitanya's love for her, samantha said that he had given her a handbag as naga chaitanya and had written her favorite things in it and hand painted the bag in Samantha's favorite color. Many people are posting that people who are in love to this extent are now separated and even if they see someone in the show, they are breaking the hearts of the fans.
For the past few days, Samantha's post has become the talk of the town across South India. She caused controversy when she suggested using a hydrogen peroxide nebulizer before taking medication in case of illness. There was strong criticism from the doctors. samantha, who gave an explanation for it, said that she had published such a post "for the benefit of others". After this, she was heavily criticized by netizens.

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