Vimal, Anjali, DialoguesVimal, Anjali, DialoguesPredictable story, Batallion of Supporting cast

'Mapla Singam' is a rural comedy directed by debutante Rajasekar. Don Ashok has crafted the dialogues. Vimal and Anjali have paired against each other after the success of 'Kalakalappu'. So what is this movie is all about ? There is nothing great about the plot. Rajasekar has handled a simple story. The story happens in a rural town and there is rivalry between two groups for 'Mudhal Mariyadhai'. And Anjali as a lawyer helps Vimal and his gang. What happens next is definitely known to you. The movie has nothing special in order to be mentioned.

Vimal is back to his comfort zone. Just few weeks back he was seen in 'Anjala' and now he has yet another release. His 'Singam' moustache and white dhoti creates a good blend with the character. Anjali makes her presence felt and this time she has been de-glamourized. Rajasekar has banked more on her acting skills than Skin show. Welcome back Anjali ! Soori, Kaali Venkat and Adam are typical friends who will be behind Vimal and they as usual deliver the pretty old SMS jokes here and there. The movie has a bunch of supporting artists such as Radha Ravi, Jayaprakash, Swaminathan, Ramadoss and everyone have done their role to ease. Radharavi has done a meaty role and his character is well sketched by the director. Soori as always delivers at few places. The same energy in 'Rajini Murugan' is however missing here. 

N. R. Raghunanthan's music is below part. Cinematography was too vibrant and the colours are not functional with the story. Most of the time, the contrasting in colours are obvious. V.S.Tharun Balaji should have worked a lot on the camera angles and other factors. Vivek Harshan cuts are nothing special. In a typical rural entertainer he don't have much to do. Don Ashok's dialogues are the biggest plus. The dialogues are penned with lots of humour. And that is what the best thing about this project. 

Mapla Singam is neither an avoidable movie nor a great entertainer. The movie has its own entertaining facts which makes its watchable. However this could not be everyone's cup of tea as lots of scenes were already seen in other movies. Piracy could also be a major factor in this issue. Anjali and Vimal are the saving graces and a decent debut is made by Director Rajasekar.

Vimal, Anjali,Soori,Radha Ravi,Rajasekhar,P. Madhan,N.R. RaghunanthanA rural entertainer which can be watched to kill time

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