New York sources stated that Backing india’s position on pakistan-sponsored terror, US President Donald Trump on Tuesday said that Prime Minister Narendra modi would “take care” of the issue and that modi had given the message on terrorism to Islamabad “loud and clear” from the ‘Howdy, modi!’ stage, which was shared by the US President on Sunday.

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Taking questions from media persons ahead of their bilateral talks, Trump, when asked what message he had for pakistan on being actively involved in training militants, said: “Well, I mean, the message is not for me to give, it’s for Prime Minister modi to give. “And I think he gave that loud and clear on the other day when we were together (in Houston for ‘Howdy, modi!’). He gave a pretty loud message. And I’m sure he’ll be able to handle the situation.”

Trump was answering a query related to pakistan Prime Minister imran khan telling a think tank that the pakistan Army and the ISI had trained the al Qaeda, and reports that thousands of terrorists were reportedly ready to enter india. On the US saying it stood with india in the fight against Islamic radical terrorism, and what he thought about imran khan admitting that the ISI had trained the al Qaeda, Trump said that he hadn’t heard of that.

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