Reportedly the chorus for the demand within the party is growing and causing headache to CM kcr. harish rao's followers are mounting pressure on the party to give a prominent post to their leader. When ignoring of harish rao in the government is upsetting his fans, followers who are raising slogans of 'CM Harish'.

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Furthermore over 25 TRS party leaders of Chandapur village does pooja and offered 1016 coconuts to the deity praying to make harish rao the next CM of Telangana. Meanwhile Rangareddy district's SC cell vice president Chintakunta vishnu and 25 others from Chandapur village of Vanaparthi district have took part in the special pooja and Chintakunta vishnu has remembered the services of former Irrigation minister harish rao and his contribution to Kaleshwaram project. Further vishnu openly criticized the party and government for not inviting harish rao for the launch of Kaleshwaram Project.

Chintakunta vishnu appealing to CM kcr said "I'm requesting kcr sir to either make harish rao as Deputy CM or CM. harish rao has completed Kaleswaram project with utmost sincerity and a lot of hard work. Then how can harish rao be ignored at the launch of Kaleshwaram? While AP CM YS jagan Mohan Reddy and Maharashtra CM Fadnavis were invited, why harish rao was not invited for the launch of the project for which he had worked rigorously. harish rao's name was not even there on the foundation stone”. Perhaps TRS senior leaders are yet to respond to these comments and acts of vishnu and other party leaders from Vanaparthi.

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